The Good News of the Kingdom of God


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The Church needs to preach about the Kingdom of God. Participation in God’s Kingdom is a Christian’s highest priority. Jesus Christ will rule that Kingdom assisted by the resurrected saints ruling over all people in all the world.

Parallels & Lessons From the Seven Churches


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These are the parallels between the history of the Old Testament church and the seven churches in Revelation 2 & 3. The more we understand the Old Testament, the better we will understand the New and vice versa. There are important lessons for us today in the letters to the seven churches.

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A Comment on the Future of God’s Church


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Bible readers have puzzled over Matthew 23:35, by clarifying this verse we can also remember three critical points:

1. Thinking about Church history is both sobering and encouraging.

2. There is a history of oppression and martyrdom often at the hands of the religious establishment.

3.The Bible indicates that God’s Church will have a major impact on the world shortly before Christ’s Return and that His Return will usher in the triumph of His Church.

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